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Raw Food Couple
Yemiah's Bio & David's Bio

Yemiah began her Raw Food Diet adventure in 1978. My Raw Food Diet adventure began in 1989.

You can read more about the Raw Food Diet and read our newsletter for updates.

My Raw Food Diet interest focused on digestive tract regeneration. At two, I filled my stomach with gasoline. To some this may seem a negative event and it was positive it inspired and birthed Radical Health. You can read my past writings about health in my 1996-2007 articles. Much in these articles is out of date and they will eventually be integrated into our new Step-By-Step Guide and will quietly disappear.

Austin, Texas
Raw Food Feast

You can read more about us here - Yemiah's story, David's story and Yemiah's Raw Food Delights for a few photos of Yemiah's recipes.

In 2000 we opened our private client practice to the public, held our first Austin Raw Food Feast and began sharing our Raw Super Foods imports and excipient free products with our Austin clients and Raw Food Feast attendees.

Our 1996-2007 newsletters are interesting reading. And this new site aims to condense all our past articles and unpublished research into a simple Step-By-Step Guide. When traveling check out HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide - A searchable dining guide to vegetarian restaurants, natural health food stores, information on vegetarian nutrition, raw food, veganism, vegan recipes, healthy cooking, travel, and more.

Certified Pristine

As Super Food availability began expanding, Yemiah and I imagined we could simply use these companies. Many of these products were great and we were desiring a different level of purity and life energy than was available. We also discovered why Certified Organic was meaningless and began to consider our more stringent requirements as Certified Pristine.

At this point I went into the global marketplace and co-created (with farmers, consolidators and logistics companies) a set of supply chains which source the highest vibration products available, process, transport and package them in an upscale, cost optimal manner and cold store them (when required) until they are shipped to you.

Today our business includes:

What's In It For You?

So what can Radical Health give you?

If Radical Health rebalanced my body after drinking gasoline when I was two...

and has rebalanced the bodies of many clients whose doctors have told them, "go home and make yourself comfortable and set your affairs in order"...

then Radical Health can probably assist you enjoying your desired health outcome, with grace and ease, at the Speed of Spirit.

Here's how you get started...

Starting Your Radical Health Adventure

Your Free Membership
Start your Free Radical Health Membership by emailing one of the email addresses listed in this section. You'll receive articles, recipes and one of a kind content from the leading edge of health research.

When we opened our client practice I had imagined a unique program for each individual client. After years of daily client consultation, a common program surfaced which cleared up the majority of all health challenges.

What most impressed me about this program was it's ease, speed and comfort. Many times Chronic dis-ease cleared before the person finished their consultation on in a few days.

No detox symptoms. Decadent food. Peak energy and mood. Easy steps. I was wowed.

you're best served to start your action plan right now:

  1. Start Your Free Radical Health Membership right now:
  2. Join Your Local Support Group
    • You can find these by Web searches, local bulletin boards or asking at your Farmer's Market(s).
    • No Raw Food Feast/Potluck in your local area, start one. Be in touch and we'll assist you with set up and promotion.
  3. Use Our Step-By-Step Plan
    • First read our Raw Super Food Product Quality Guide as many quality between products with similar names varies widely. For example, did you know the most widely available 100% Raw Coconut Flour actually contains 40% milk and sugar? Or did you know the most widely available Raw Agave Nectar is cooked at high heat producing a glycemic index as high as white sugar or honey? And my personal favorite is the gray in Gray Sea Salt comes from petroleum. Best read this now.
    • Next determine your monthly health budget. After reading our Raw Super Food Product Quality Guide many people allocate their entire supplement budget and much of their grocery budget to Super Foods. This makes great sense to me, as living at continuous peak is the purpose of health and Natural State, Raw Super Foods are best for maintaining continuous peak.
    • You can then refer to and choose the items or package you desire to use. I recommend you choose one of the package auto-ship offers to receive several free additional items.
  4. Bank your savings! As you get in the swing of living on Super Foods you're monthly health investment will probably greatly decrease. You'll eat less. You'll get more. This is especially true when using one of our packages which include Coco Chai with it's 80+ Super Foods.

When you start your Radical Health program you'll notice rapid, pervasive changes in your energy, mood, health and life. At some point this speed and intensity will transform into an ever expanding peak which must be experienced to be perceived.

For some this sensation is similar to experiences using sacred medicine plants. The difference is your presence, sensory clarity and organ integrity will enhance, rather than degrade.

Persistent use of sacred medicine plants and other "high octane" chemicals tend to degrade tissue, especially organs, create sensory/cognitive distortion and inability to operated effectively within our cultural, consensual reality and personal relationships due to being out of one's body.

Radical Health on the other hand:

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