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David and Yemiah welcome you to Radical Health. You've found your way here, because you're serious about taking massive action and getting massive results.

You're best served to go through the Getting Started Roadmap for fastest results.

Your best first step is to email join@RadicalHealth.com and start your free membership today. You'll stay in the loop about our latest "way outside the box" research, news, articles, events and product specials. If you're in Austin, Texas email austin@RadicalHealth.com to also receive local event announcements, like our Raw Food Feast since 2000.

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You can read my personal story and find out how Radical Health started. Doctors told me twice I had to have my digestive tract and stomach removed or I'd die. I figured if this was the best they could to I'd be served to design my own health system. I did and today my health expands daily.

- David Favor, Publisher

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Getting Started Roadmap

  1. Start Your Membership: Email join@RadicalHealth.com
  2. Quick Start: Start with Himalayan Salt and a Super Pack by clicking RadicalHealth.com/order for ordering instructions.
  3. Recipe/Week: Try one new Raw Food Diet recipe each week. You'll find many of our favorite recipe books at the bottom of RadicalHealth.com/order.
  4. Daily Practice: Each day do some minor upgrade, as daily minor upgrades accumulate into major upgrades.
  5. Daily Reading: Read some about the Raw Food Diet every day. Check the articles below for topics of interest and email me (david@davidfavor.com) with your article suggestions.
  6. Free Consulting: To qualify for free consulting, read over Radical Health Step-By-Step Guide, then use Himalayan Salt and a Super Pack for several months. Most symptoms disappear with proper hydration, nutrition, cleansing and building. Yes even so call "terminal dis-ease".
  7. Super Food Catalog: We have a small catalog of Super Foods and Super Nutrients. Our catalog is small because we only make available those items we eat on a regular basis - RadicalHealth.com/order.
  8. Contact Information: You may contact me by email david@davidfavor.com or phone 512-280-5802. You'll be served to follow the Quick Start Suggestion above for several months first, as many symptoms tend to disappear this way.

Funding Your Radical Health Adventure

Many people get interested in Radical Health to increase their energy to turn their new ideas into a business or to take their existing business to a new level. Others feel compelled to share Radical Health and Raw Food Diet information on a large scale. Others are just interested making more by working less. All these endeavors require massive energy and working smarter rather than harder. Here are some resources for those interested.

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Enjoy your best, most radically healthy day ever!

- David Favor, Publisher - david@radicalhealth.com or 512-280-5802.

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