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- Add Sinus & Washes with Sun Fire Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide & Silver
- Add Eye Washes

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Your Step-By-Step Guide
Long Play Versions
Play Audio Full Version - Part 1
Play Audio Full Version - Part 2
Play Audio The Radical Health Difference
  1. Groceries vs. Remedials & Add-ons
  2. KISS - Keep It Super Simple (Learn once. Do always.)
  3. Comfort & Ease vs. No Pain No Gain
  4. Wholesale Partner Program
Step #1: Rebooting Your Consciousness
Play Audio Your Conscious Language
Play Audio Your Life Design
Step #2: Rebooting Your Biological Integrity
Play Audio Kicking Anti-Nutrients & Non-Nutrients
  1. Magnesium Stearate
    • T-Cell Destruction
    • Cell Receptor Loading & Unloading
    • Blocking Nutrient Uptake
    • Auto Immune Connection
    • Primary Source Beef, Pork, Lamb Fat
    • Vegetarian Source Hydrogenated Palm Oil
  2. Vege Caps vs. Gelatin Caps
  3. The Evils of Tablets & Caplets
  4. Hidden MSG in Cooked Soy Products
Step #3: Optimizing Your Biological Integrity
Play Audio Enhancing & Maintaining Biological Blueprint
  1. Human Compatible Vitamin B12
  2. Human Compatible Vitamin C
  3. Human Compatible Vitamin E
  4. Human Compatible MSM
Step #4: Optimizing Your Hydration & pH
Play Audio All About Salt & Water
  1. Your Salt & Water Connection
  2. The Sun Fire Salt Difference
  3. Is Your Himalayan Salt Full Of Toxic Nickel Dust?
  4. Live Greens & Green Powder Overview
  5. Salt Flushes, best considered after this entire guide is implemented for 3-4 months
Play Audio Greens & Green Powders - Part 1
Play Audio Vege vs. Fruit Juicing
Play Audio Super Food Tricks From Courtney & Brian
Play Audio Greens & Green Powders Part 2
  1. Decoding Salmon & Tuna Cravings
  2. Optimizing Your Brain, Eye, Nerve & Muscle Integrity
Play Audio Coral Calcium & Nano Bacteria
Step #5: Your Raw Food Diet, The Easy Way
Play Audio Raw Food Diet - Part 1
  1. Raw Super Foods, The Easy Way
  2. Chocolate Bliss By The Gallon
  3. Fiesta Mole Super Soup
Play Audio Chocolate Bliss Decoded
Play Audio Vanilla Agave Nectar Decoded
Play Audio Maca - Part 1
  1. Adaptogens Cacao, Maca, Guarana, Yerba Matte Rhodiola Rosea
  2. Adaptogens Transform Into Stimulants When Super Heated
  3. Oxygen Transport Enhancement
Play Audio Maca - Part 2
Play Audio Maca - Part 3
  1. Powerful Hormone Precursor Synergist Combinations
  2. The Hormone, Neurotransmitter, Feel Good Equation
Play Audio Raw Food Suppliers Exposed
Play Audio Fiesta Mole Decoded
Play Audio Fiesta Mole Recipes From Rick Mathes
Play Audio Fiesta Mole, Camu & Niacin Flushes
Play Audio Niacin Flushes
Play Audio Raw Food Diet Part 2
Quick Foods - Golden Flax Crackers and Raw Food Basics
Play Audio Activated Nuts
Play Audio Raw Food Diet Part 3
Quick Snacks - Dulse, Gojis, Chia Pudding
Play Audio Yemiah's Raw Food Delights DVD Set
Step #6: Optimizing Your Digestion & Elimination
Play Audio Rebooting Your Optimal Digestion Speed & Strength
  1. Importance of Enzymes With Raw Foods
  2. The Salt & HCL Relationship
  3. The Power of Digest + Salivarius + Blue Green Algae + Vitamin C
Play Audio Rebooting Your Optimal Adrenal, Thyroid, Parathyroid Speed & Strength
Play Audio Salivarius, The Super Probiotic
Play Audio Candida's Powerful Healing Nature
Play Audio Rebooting Your Optimal Elimination Speed & Strength
Play Audio Raw Food Refinements
Step #7: Optimizing Your Deep, Continuous, Restful Sleep
Play Audio Deep Sleep Part 1
Play Audio Deep Sleep Part 2
Step #8: Flushing Microbial Pathogens, Chemicals & Metals
Play Audio Pathogen/Chemical/Metal/Nano Bacteria Flushing Part 1
Play Audio Pathogen/Chemical/Metal/Nano Bacteria Flushing Part 2